How to identify a pro as they play rummy online?

How to identify a pro as they play rummy online?

If you have been practicing the rummy game for quite some time now, you must be able to recognize who are the people who are new to the game while who is the pro ones. It has nothing to do with whether you are winning the game or not. It is rather about the way the opponents play rummy.

If you are also an expert in the game, there will be 50-50 chances of you winning the game if you are playing the game with a similar expert. But how do you know that the person is an expert too? There are some cunning ways to recognize it.

How to identify a pro as they play rummy online?

Here are some of the ways that can help you in knowing whether the opponent is a pro in the game or not.

  • You cannot guess their gameplay:

If a person is an expert, the person will identify your gameplay in just 3 moves. Also, there are high possibilities that the person will either discard cards that are not useful for you and also you will be not able to judge the person’s gameplay. This is because most of the professionals try to get combinations within the cards that they have in their hands and try to observe and guess your gameplay in the first 2-3 moves.

  • They may finish the game much faster than expected:

There are some pro players who do not waste time in observing the gameplay of the opponents; rather they will focus on forming their combinations and finishing the game. Some professionals are great at forming different sequences and have a good number of combination options in their mind. Hence, they are able to finish the game in a time that is much than what you may have even expected.

  • Observe their cards after the game is finished:

If you really wish to identify whether you have been playing with a pro or not, you need to observe closely the cards of the opponent at the end of the game. There are a high number of times when these experts come up with such combinations that may seem quite new to you. If you are playing cash rummy, it is ideal to drop the game and not continue if you find out the opponent to be a professional one because there are high chances that you may lose a good amount of money. On the other hand, if you are playing in practice games, you can learn a number of new combinations and hence you can play a few matches losing some of your free points.


If you are an average player, it is not really advised to play with an expert as the opponent. They will knock you down almost every possible time and you will lose a good amount of points. It is important to identify the expert before playing with them. In an online game of rummy, you can identify the experts easily by playing one or two matches with them. Just make sure to reduce your points at the earliest to keep the damages low.


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